Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding a Mummified Squirrel

Today we dug holes for our new fence posts, and in the process (although not underground), I found a mummified squirrel. Well, it wasn't actually wrapped in cloth or anything, but it was a very well-preserved squirrel specimen.

It startled me when I first realized what it was, and then my scientific curiosity took over. It was actually very cool, although I did feel bad for the little guy, because he apparently did not get a proper burial. The most interesting part of it, I think, was that this was not just a squirrel skeleton (not that you see those every day...), but the skin and whiskers were preserved as well.

Here is a photo for those with a healthy scientific curiosity. You can't see it that well, but I wanted to include the trowel for scale.

Tomorrow (when I have my good camera with me) I will take another photo, and then we will give this poor little guy the proper burial that he deserves.

Have you ever found the remains of an animal, an interesting fossil, feather or something like this when you were digging in your yard? I'd love to hear your stories of interesting finds!

Update: Here are some better photos of the mummified squirrel:

The squirrel has now had a proper burial in our back garden.


  1. We were sad for dead squirrel, but very curious about the whiskers.

  2. Uncle Gord once got into the Point Roberts News Paper cus he found a skeleton of a native person in the sand pile we always played in. It had been folded up in a neat tidy way and the sheriff took pictures. I am not sure what happened after that I assume they moved it to the cemetary for a proper burial. That goes back alot of years. I forgot about it until just now.
    My friend also had car trouble and they found a petrefied Rat in her engine. They speculated it had been there for about a year! Ewww